luni, 23 martie 2009


Inca un fetish:
Ocrotind un fetish

duminică, 22 martie 2009

Dacă aş fi..

Am primit o leapşuţă )) de la Vave şi uite rezultatul:

If I were a month, I would be May.
If I were a day of the week, I would be Saturday.
If I were a time of day, I would be 17:17.
If I were a sea animal, I would be a dolphin.
If I were a direction, I would be the right way.
If I were a virtue, I would be optimism.
If I were a historical figure I would be Frida Cahlo (tot istorie e).
If I were a planet, I would be Mercury.
If I were a liquid, I would be tea, green tea.
If I were a stone, I would be moonstone.
If I were a bird, I would be a seagull.

If I were a flower/plant, I would be a chamomile.
If I were a kind of weather, I would be a rainy spring afternoon.
If I were a musical instrument, I would be a harp.
If I were an emotion, I would be joy.
If I were a sound, I would be a the sound from a zen Buddhist temple.
If I were an element, I would be water.

If I were a song, I would be Pink Floyd-Wish you were here.
If I were a movie, I would be Dolls by Takeshi Kitano.
If I were a tv-series, I would be Twin Peaks.
If I were a book, I would be Aglaja Veteranyi-De ce fierbe copilul in mamaliga.
If I were a fictional character, I would be Maitreyi.

If I were a food, I would be ice-cream (:P).
If I were a city, I would be Barcelona.
If I were a taste, I would be sweet.
If I were a scent, I would be a fresh one.
If I were a colour, I would be mauve.
If I were a fabric, I would be linen.

If I were a word, I would be "dor".
If I were a body part, I would be the eye.
If I were a facial expression, I would be filling.
If I were a subject in school, I would be Literature.
If I were a cartoon character, I would be Wall-e.
If I were a shape, I would be an square.
If I were a number, I would be 7.
If I were a car, I would be a Ferrari (:D:D:D).
If I were an item of clothing, I would be a skirt.

Transmit leapşa Domnicai, lui Ion şi lui XStrafer.
Iata asa..
Un început de săptămână reuşit vă doresc!

miercuri, 18 martie 2009

Alexandrina, un pici cretos (hehe, dublu drag mie, din clubul nostru)care te cucereste dintr-o privire, nimic mai mult, doar o privire e de ajuns.
Si o dedicatie, pentru cei cu sufletul inca "viu", inca infantil, inca avid de sinceritate:

Swwet child of mine
Pe ganduri..
Pe ganduri
Taaaaaare dulci mai sunt covrigii astia....mmmm...
Si alt covrig ))
Ea de fapt tine un parfum in maini )). O adevarata domnita.
Jucarica e a mea
In final, cred ca mi-am gasit domeniul care ma pasioneaza cel mai mult in fotografie. Parca.
PS: simt din ce in ce mai mult lipsa unui blitz extern :(.

duminică, 8 martie 2009

Sa fii Femeie!

Dragele mele, va urez doar atat: sa fiti Femei, iar cei din jurul dvs sa va poata oferi ceea ce v-ati fi dorit pentru dvs!
Primavara, primavara

luni, 2 martie 2009

Din umbră

Marina, Femeie (şi mamă a doi copii) într-un joc de lumină şi culoare, de vise şi bună dispoziţie.


În umbră


They say about me:

"Can you believe that love for art and beauty is able to drive people kilometers away, from North to South? Well, so it is. Rodica Dumbrăveanu is a young ambitious artist who comes from Balţi, Moldova, to study architecture. As God endowed her with a special talent in the art of photography, she accepted this gift and made proficiency in the domain. It is not a secret that Rodica won several photo contests. And here she is, at the exhibition dedicated to the International Baby-wearing Week. Once more, her works demonstrate the author’s highly-developed feeling for space and graphics location. Rodica’s wonderful profound pictures hint to her different world vision, which is possible only for a fine psychologist, a kind-hearted person, a skilled artist. "La distanţa unui pupic..." — “Close enough to kiss…” will astonish you by the extraordinary presentation of the unique moments happening in the mother-and-child intimacy. Such moments as these revealed by Rodica will help you to see the world otherwise, in a special unrepeatable way."


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