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"There's no sensation to compare with this"

"house of the rising sun"
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Cat poate face o melodie pentru un suflet de om?!
Cate stari iti poate induce, cate ganduri faureste pentru tine...
Cat de mult te poate preschimba...
Cat de tare poti iubi o melodie?! o voce?! nishte ganduri...niste senzatii de fapt..Incatare si extaz...

[..]Come on, you boy child, you winner and loser
Come on, you miner for truth and delusion
And shine ![..]

[..]You reached for the secret too soon
You cried for the Moon.[..]

[..]What shall we use to fill the empty
Spaces where we used to talk
How should I fill the final places ?
How should I complete the wall ?[..]

[..]There's no sensation to compare with this,
Suspended animation, a state of bliss
Can't keep my eyes from the circling sky
Tongue-tied & twisted just an eath-bound misfit.[..]

[..]The grass was greener
The light was brighter
With friends surrounded
The nights of wonder[..]

Nu,nu pot sa nu urlu azi...
Nu pot..
E seara Pink Floyd.. pana si Anathema canta cover-uri PF..
E o seara de simtit... e seara de pink floyd....o seara, noapte speciala, intima..
nush cum altfel sa zic...
La mine e linishte...e pink floyd...e anathema si maaaaaaaaaa ruuuuppppeee asa de tare, fiecare bucatica din mine tresare, simte, iubeste, doreste....canta si danseaza. urla si sopteste...simte...atatea simte...
Inebunesc de placere, ascult piese rascultate de mine, dar simt atatea din nou...ce dor mi-a fost de asa senzatie! Ce dor mi-a fost de muzica!

si e Anathema, care m-a facut sa iubesc lumanarile, starile de impoderabilitate, starile de nevroza si de mare tampenie..M-au facut sa-mi iubesc adolescenta...

[..]My fragile dreams would be broken fooor you...[..]
[..]But electricity it drew you near to me...[..]

When the silence beckons,
And the day draws to a close,
When the light of your life sighs,
And love dies in your eyes,
Only then will I realise,
What you mean to me...
[..]Yes, I'm falling... how much longer till I hit the ground?[..]
[..]Are you there?
is it wonderful to know
all the ghosts.[..]

Si e atateaa..

ma intorceam azi acasa si am vazut o masinuta, mica asa, rosie...
si la usa din spate, imediat cum se termina usa, o emblema... "P" si mai jos...pink floyd...atat de drag mi-a fost....

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vave spunea...

Anathema într-adevăr reuşeşte să ne picure în suflet... sentimente de nedescris.

moon spunea...

senimente, stari, cerinte si de toate..
si toate-s asa de profunde...

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